Monday, August 17, 2009

August Already

The weather seems to be saying it's fall, and we're just not ready! Tom had a camping trip to Big Fork in July, but I had a meeting in Denver and couldn't join him. Hopefully we can find a few days next month, before he leaves for the Philippines and the Habitat for Humanity project.

He's in Houston now, for the wedding of a close friend who was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. That was a shock to everyone - no history of tobacco use at all. But it makes me grateful for all the examination my dental hygienist does when I get a cleaning - I'd like to think we would catch anything unusual early.

Mom and Dad are preparing to move to the condo below their present location. The idea first came up last fall when Dad had his aneurysm surgery and climbing stairs became a bit difficult. Not such a problem now, but the opportunity came up and seems like a good idea.

We had friends from Texas visit. Christi was a trooper, joining the Library Drill Team in the Sweet Pea parade as banner carrier. We had fun and heard from lots of people, glad to see us back in the parade after a few years absent. So it may have to continue...

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