Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Leftie!

Lucky me - I had to take a day off to make up the Martin Luther King holiday (which fell on a regular day off for me) so chose Inauguration Day. It's been wonderful to watch all the events from my warm house. Washington DC is a fabulous place, but today, with all the crowds and chilly temperatures, I'm glad to be home. Just like with a football game, I think the view on TV is much better!

One of my favorite moments from the oath of office ceremony: the Chief Justice improvising just a bit, rearranging the words at the start, which caused some hesitation on the part of President Obama (and he was already President - the ceremony was after the official noon transfer of power specified in the Constitution). This link will change, but it immediately became updated. Someone was prepared.

Another interesting item: he's left-handed too!

Almost time for the parade. The luncheon is running late, Sen. Kennedy had a medical emergency, Dick Cheney was in a wheelchair from an injury from moving boxes yesterday, former President Bush 41 had hip trouble and could have used a wheelchair - it all makes the entire event seem more normal and human.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Movies and other thoughts

Made it through Momma Mia - Pierce Brosnan singing ABBA was quite the experience! Cute movie, but not one I'll need to revisit, I'm pretty sure. Son of Rambow was cute, too; sweet in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way. Next up: Get Smart, Burn After Reading and some Batman - Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I'm not usually a Batman fan, but I've heard good things about these. James-Philip will probably come over to watch them with me.

Although the NYGiants have finished their season, we'll still be watching the playoffs, cheering on the Eagles. Philly and Pittsburg would be an interesting Super Bowl - we'll see what happens this Sunday.

My 3-day weekend begins Sunday - I took Tuesday for my MLK holiday, so I can watch all the inaugural events. The library will have a big screen TV on in a meeting room, too; this is the first big event since the TV was installed. It's a little early for Montana - we don't open until 10 a.m. which is right when the ceremony takes place in D.C. but I'm sure there will be lots of news coverage before and after. As with football, I think this is an event where it's much better NOT to be there!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things to do

When there's not much on TV that interests me (and that happens a lot in winter!) I'm glad to have the option of movies. Netflix is a lifesaver in that respect, even though the bookcases here hold quite a collection already. This weekend James-Philip and I watched Kung Fu Panda - so cute! The artwork alone was worth watching. He also has enjoyed Hancock, and was willing to watch again with me (he even took it home to watch one more time - good thing, because he woke up Monday with a 24-hour stomach flu so had some entertainment). I'd heard Tropic Thunder was good, and in many ways it was, but it also came close to my limit for grossness! Still waiting: Son of Rambow and Mamma Mia! Tom's watch that a few times, so it must be good. I'm not sure I want to hear the much Abba music again, though.

I've started watching the first season of Lost, since I missed it the first time around. TV episodes are the perfect incentive for treadmill time, as I discovered when Katie loaned me the first season of Chuck. That's about all there is on that one so far (on DVD, anyway - I am catching season 2 online), so I had to find another series with more potential. I'm only 3 episodes in, and it's slow developing, but seems to be coming along.

I'm open to more movie and TV suggestions!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Plans

Only a few more weeks left in football season - the last college game was Thursday, when Oklahoma played (not very well, I'm afraid!). But tomorrow is the big one: Giants v Eagles. James-Philip will go to his Eagles' friend's house to watch; I will enjoy the big screen at home. If the Giants win, there will another big game or two, of course. Last year I was headed to Texas on Super Bowl Sunday - Tom and I had to eat at Chili's so I could watch the game! We couldn't stay for the entire thing, but I did get a few great phone calls with the good news of the Giants' win. So we're hoping for another good year around here.

After the game, JP and I hope to get together and watch some of my Netfix queue. Now that Tom has gone to Mexico, I'll be getting all the movies here. I've got Kung-Fu Panda, Hancock, Son of Rambow, and Tropic Thunder to choose from. Tough choice! And, I have the first season of Lost on DVD, borrowed from my co-worker Katie. But that's reserved for treadmill time. Not to mention the second season of Chuck, now that I've discovered it's available online. That contributes to knitting time - my sock is almost done, and then I will start a sweater (and probably more socks!).

Then there is the WiiFit - the yoga mat JP gave me for Christmas is still waiting to be tried. I've kept up with the body test, but haven't done as many of the exercises lately. I keep thinking I'll have time...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Beginning

TeamHenley is joining the blog-o-sphere! I tried a WordPress blog but it turned out to be too diffuclt to allow people to add comments. So I went back to what what's worked - I've had a similar blog at work for almost a year now, and it's very easy for everyone to use.

So, try adding a comment here to see how it works.