Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost Labor Day? Really?

It's embarrassing to think the entire summer has gone without adding any news at all here! Perhaps that's a sign that it was just a bit busy...

As the photo on the website showed, we had an incredibly rainy May-June which caused a tree to just fall over. Tom was planning on re-roofing the barn, but the rain interfered with removing the old shingles, and the tree presented a more obvious project - he really wanted to get that cut up and out of the yard!

Mother Nature had some interesting ideas too, in addition to the unusual amount of rain. June 30 saw an incredible hail storm blow through the area - truly golf-ball sized hail! Not much you can do about it, except wait and cross your fingers about what you'll find afterward. I was lucky - at the library, I park in the shade of a building to help keep the sun off the car, which also protected it from the hail. I had only a shattered side-view mirror, and assorted dings on the roof and hood. Other vehicles in the parking lot suffered much more serious damage - rear windows shattered, hoods totally smashed.
Even at home, we only had a broken window in the barn (which was really so dirty it wasn't obvious - the insurance adjuster noticed it) and a few cracked light covers on the motor home. The roof on the house did suffer, and we'll be replacing it - we'd expected to do that next year anyway, so this just moves our plans up a bit.

The rest of the summer was unbelievably hot for our area - lots of over-90 degree days. We're just not used to that kind of heat! But Tom and I did get a few camping trips in to enjoy the outdoors. It's almost time for him to head south, with a side trip to southeast Asia with a group of friends from Mexico. Hopefully the roofing will be done first!

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