Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not really winter...

We can't complain about winter this year, except to say we've hardly had it! Not much snow, not even terribly cold (but cold enough to say BRRR). As long as this doesn't mean we'll be having a much-delayed winter in May, I'm OK with this.

Wedding plans are coming along. They have selected the date (September 22), the place (the City's Beall Center) and a honeymoon destination (San Francisco). Jamie has found an incredible pair of shoes (wish I had a photo - very Victorian-looking, platform and extreme heel, but she only plans to wear them for the ceremony), and JP has ordered his wedding band.

(Beall Center - very appropriately made of stone and block, perfect for someone who works in masonry!)

It's time for the latest batch of Scarves for Special Olympics - several friends have been knitting this winter, and we have a new batch to send off to the state office next week. We'll take a photo and hopefully get it posted here. I liked this year's colors (cherry red and navy blue). Seeing the new colors each year always gets me inspired to start again!

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