Monday, February 9, 2009

February already

I finally put away the Christmas CDs although it was snowing nicely this morning. Is it too early for Backburner's Might As Well Be Spring? I still have a yard that is mostly white, but enough areas around the house have melted off that I'm afraid the peony bushes we planted last fall might start sprouting. That could be bad.

I've finally gotten a Ravelry invite and have joined. Now I have to get going on posting photos of completed projects and my yarn stash (which is a scary thought - that means I have to admit I have one!). There is a Bozeman group on there, which was nice to discover. A high school friend was the one who suggested I join, and she has a nice collection of completed projects - impressive since she hasn't been knitting that long.

Tom is having lots of work done on the Mexico house - he promises pictures when he returns to Texas. We had a great chat on Skype today. Technology is wonderful! We often talk about the years when he was stationed somewhere remotely, and all we had was mail that seemed to go by slow boat. When he and the boys went to Alaska (1998) we thought it was great to have email! And now we can IM, and chat on Skype with video.

Movies: I had to buy Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa yesterday. Those are some clever movies. I also watched Transsiberian - slow to start but very tense by the end. Married Life was interesting, with some twists. I'm not sure the setting of the late 40's was critical, but the costumes and props were fun. The story could probably be set in any time and still work. I'm still working through the first season of Lost - the treadmill broke this week, so I'm stuck with the exercise bike, and not sure Lost is compelling enough to make me want to pedal that long! I may switch to Dexter for my TV episode exercise workouts.

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