Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Leftie!

Lucky me - I had to take a day off to make up the Martin Luther King holiday (which fell on a regular day off for me) so chose Inauguration Day. It's been wonderful to watch all the events from my warm house. Washington DC is a fabulous place, but today, with all the crowds and chilly temperatures, I'm glad to be home. Just like with a football game, I think the view on TV is much better!

One of my favorite moments from the oath of office ceremony: the Chief Justice improvising just a bit, rearranging the words at the start, which caused some hesitation on the part of President Obama (and he was already President - the ceremony was after the official noon transfer of power specified in the Constitution). This link will change, but it immediately became updated. Someone was prepared.

Another interesting item: he's left-handed too!

Almost time for the parade. The luncheon is running late, Sen. Kennedy had a medical emergency, Dick Cheney was in a wheelchair from an injury from moving boxes yesterday, former President Bush 41 had hip trouble and could have used a wheelchair - it all makes the entire event seem more normal and human.

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