Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Long Time No Post!

Wow - it's July already! We've had a wonderful wet spring followed by an intense heat wave: June ended up feeling like late August, with temperatures in the 90's. This week promises to be just as warm. We don't expect summer to be quite so hot for so long!

I did spend a week in Texas in April, where I managed to pick up a case of poison ivy after weeding the flower beds. To keep from offending library patrons and coworkers I wrapped my arms in the latest "mummy style" bandages - I looked more like a burn victim but it did help.

For July 4th Tom and I visited Jon-Erik in Portland. That was a nice quick trip. I hadn't seen his apartment yet; we also go to visit some former Montana library friends.

Tom and Jon-Erik enjoy  some Grand Marnier

While walking along a Beaverton sidewalk I managed to trip, scraping elbows and knees a bit severely.That's mending slowly too, but no lasting damage.

The Library is having roofing work done this summer, so things are very disorderly - quite an ordeal for us order-loving folk! In addition, Tom is doing some repair work at home - new toilets (and the accompanying plumbing issues) and flooring in one room. So, I leave one mess and go to another! It's going to be a long summer, I'm afraid.

Wedding plans for James-Philip and Jamie are coming along. The dress is gorgeous, the invitations are almost ready to go out, guests have booked their rooms at the Henley B&B! I will be arranging the rehearsal dinner very soon.

Hopefully posts will be coming more frequently...

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