Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still summer

Almost Labor Day, but the weather doesn't seem to realize it: Bozeman just set a record yesterday with 98 degrees. We are also suffering from smoke due to fires everywhere in the surrounding areas. I hope it's all cleared up by Wedding Day!

Last Sunday we had a small party: a Get to Know My Future Daughter-in-law/Shower for Jamie. It was lots of fun, and since we all shopped her registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond she got lots of great things she really wanted! Kandi did the catering (which was fantastic!) and Jamie had a wonderful time.

She's scheduled an after-wedding brunch for family to come visit a bit more and watch them open their wedding gifts. I think this is a fun idea and am looking forward to that.

Tom has more remodeling ideas (the flooring and toilet projects are complete and turned out great!) involving a possible new downstairs bathroom. There is no "guest" bathroom on our first floor, so we'd add something along with a shower for us - we'd like to stop having to use our sunken tub as the shower facility. This will mean losing the "office" and relocating some furniture, but will be nice once complete.

I have a new work schedule that gives me Saturdays off too - 4 long days, but 2 evenings, which so far seem to be fairly quiet, and 3 days in a row off. I think this will be a nice change.

Hope to keep posting as the wedding gets closer!

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