Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost Wedding Time!

Things are just about ready! We found a Certified Beverage Server (necessary now that there will be over 50 people at the reception). The Beall Park center has been paid for, both for rehearsal and wedding/reception. Pizza for the rehearsal "dinner" has been ordered (Jamie gets a discount so that's a great deal!). Out-of-town family will be arriving tomorrow. And I've scheduled a few days off! The weather should be wonderful, although we still have forest-fire smoke to deal with. I haven't spoken with J&J, but hope they aren't too stressed out.

It has been a hectic time, though. Jamie learned her ongoing hip problems are a result of being born with  hip dysplasia, which has now developed into osteoarthritis - disturbing news when you are only 27! Her mom spent the past week recovering from retina surgery. So the wedding will really be a nice time to forget all these problems and just have a little fun.

More trees have been planted along the driveway; since the 6 we (Tom!) planted last year all survived it seemed like we should try a few more! It does look nice, so I hope they do as well.

Hopefully some pictures can be posted soon...

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