Sunday, October 6, 2013


Another six months have passed...I need to be a little more dedicated to this blog!

Tom and Pam took a cruise in May: New York to London on Oceania. It was a great trip, although the weather was decidedly spring-like: cool, rainy days in Nova Scotia and 3 days of thick fog while crossing the Atlantic. Cork and Dublin were fun, and we played trivia with some neat people. We added a few extra days in London, enjoying performances of Billy Elliott and Wicked.

After that cool weather trip, we took a trip to Las Vegas in July with Jon-Erik. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, and Jon-Erik scored a gorgeous corner suite at Paris. It was fun exploring the city with Jon-Erik, who has made several trips there and new some great places to see.

Pam has moved on to a new position: Statewide Consulting Librarian with the Montana State Library. It was sad to leave Bozeman Public after 16 years but this opportunity came along and couldn't be ignored. This will involve a lot of travel but also the chance to visit new places in the state.

Jamie is crocheting up a storm and selling her creations, mostly on Facebook. She has made beard hats and other cool items. We formed Triple H Crafters so Mom and I can also have a place to sell items.

Tom heads back to warmer climates soon, traveling to Thailand, Singapore and other Asian destinations before going to Mexico and Texas. He completed his new shower project so we have a great new shower downstairs! The rest of that new bathroom will be finished next year.

Now that I will be working from home maybe I'll have a chance to post updates a little more often!

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