Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Obviously working from home hasn't increased my posting activity! The new job is coming along - it's been a long time since I've been the "newbie" anywhere, and it does take some time to get projects up and running. But I've done some great traveling already, and become familiar with a few issues so I can contribute to favorable resolutions. A challenging learning curve but I'm enjoying all the new opportunities.

Tom was in the Philippines when their recent typhoon arrived, but the hotel was well prepared and he didn't suffer problems reported on the news. He's decided to stay in the country; he and a friend leased a condo for the winter. This gives him the chance to travel around the island of Cebu from a home location. We visit on Skype frequently (except during brownouts, which seem to occur intermittently!) although the time difference causes a bit of confusion - he's already on tomorrow while I'm just finishing up today.

Jon-Erik has decided to start on a Master's in Public Administration at Portland State University, since his job search didn't result in any offers. A lack of experience was the biggest obstacle, I'd say. He's in Bozeman for Christmas, then begins class in January. Tom and I will visit him in March - we just happened upon a great hotel deal and jumped on it.

Pam's Mom experienced 2 heart attacks this fall but is doing fine: cardio rehab sessions a few times a week, and no housework, doctor's orders! Family got together and hired a cleaning service for them, which they are thrilled with! We're relieved she's doing so well.

Let's see if I can really improve the frequency of posts in the new year!

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