Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Plans

Only a few more weeks left in football season - the last college game was Thursday, when Oklahoma played (not very well, I'm afraid!). But tomorrow is the big one: Giants v Eagles. James-Philip will go to his Eagles' friend's house to watch; I will enjoy the big screen at home. If the Giants win, there will another big game or two, of course. Last year I was headed to Texas on Super Bowl Sunday - Tom and I had to eat at Chili's so I could watch the game! We couldn't stay for the entire thing, but I did get a few great phone calls with the good news of the Giants' win. So we're hoping for another good year around here.

After the game, JP and I hope to get together and watch some of my Netfix queue. Now that Tom has gone to Mexico, I'll be getting all the movies here. I've got Kung-Fu Panda, Hancock, Son of Rambow, and Tropic Thunder to choose from. Tough choice! And, I have the first season of Lost on DVD, borrowed from my co-worker Katie. But that's reserved for treadmill time. Not to mention the second season of Chuck, now that I've discovered it's available online. That contributes to knitting time - my sock is almost done, and then I will start a sweater (and probably more socks!).

Then there is the WiiFit - the yoga mat JP gave me for Christmas is still waiting to be tried. I've kept up with the body test, but haven't done as many of the exercises lately. I keep thinking I'll have time...


  1. Pam, I'm amazed at all your interests.
    Re. football--here in Utah there is all sorts of dismay that the undefeated Utes couldn't qualify for a play off for the championship. Even the State Attorney General is spending time weighing in on it. Ha!

    Netflix has become a friend of mine as well. The instant play option has been nice to have available. Some recent ones--Amu, Whales of August, Prince Caspian, Miss Potter.... The grandchildren have started calling up for dinner and a movie at my place on Friday nights. A daughter-in-law gave me a new recipe book from Treebeard's in Houston that we are trying out. Everybody cooks dinner and then we take in a movie. Wall-E was delightful.

    You are going to be the fittest librarian on staff with all your exercise interest. Just think of the investment in brain exercise by all this double tasking you do! What an investment for the years ahead.

    Great to hear of the beginnings of 2009 for you. Best of success to Tom on the Mexico project and the boys in their pursuits.

    Mary Etta

  2. Another walk in the Mall this AM but no improvement detected.
    Heard from the Virens, forwarded their e-mail to ASH to which he commented. Will fill you in when we next speak.